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Metal Roofing

When it is time for home owners to make a decision on a new roof, there are several considerations to be examined. When examining the roof cost's, factors such as the length of the roofing systems life cycle, maintenance and repair requirements, ease of replacing the old roof, and home resale value are very important. A roofs performance in severe weather conditions and protecting your home from thermal invasion is also of great importance. With appearance and color coordination thrown in, reaching a decision can be rather cumbersome.

However, more and more home owners are realizing what the commercial sector has known for years (See our featured article "Standing Seam Metal Roofing Tops It All" by W. Lee Shoemaker, Ph.D., P.E.). Metal roofing is a logical choice when compared to other roofing materials. Our Metal Roof vs. Composite Shingle Comparison Chart compares typical composite shingle roofing to metal roofing. This chart shows that choosing a new roof system is actually pretty simple.

Home Owner Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are low in maintenance and long lasting, resist decay, discoloration and mildew.
Metal roofs resist fire since they are non-combustible. Underwriters Laboratory have given metal roofs high ratings in fire resistance.
Metal roofs has been proven strong against the forces of Mother Nature. Metal roofs have proven performance in wind resistance, hail resistance, water, snow, and ice shedding.
Metal roofs increase the resale value of a home.
Metal roofs are available in several materials and come in a broad spectrum in colors. They are attractive and can spice up the appearance of a home.
Metal roofs can be retrofit and can even add slope to a roof.
Metal roofs provide a natural radiant barrier. The suns heat is transferred to a roof through radiant energy. Once the roof heats up, that heat is then radiated from the underside of the roof deck to the ceiling insulation and the room below. The metal roof radiant barrier can reflect up to 97% of the suns radiant heat, reducing attic temperatures dramatically.
Metal roofs can be insulated with almost any amount of insulation. What heat is accumulated in the metal panels can be restricted from entering the attic. The insulation can also act as a sound barrier, dampening external noise.

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